Jubilee Memorial Bible College was inaugurated in 1984 by Rev. K. O. John, then General Secretary of the St Thomas Evangelical Church of India, in a very small campus adjacent to the St Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Madras Parish building, with 8 single men students and a single resident teacher. Our Library had only one book, the Holy Bible. Our teacher had no salary, but was sustained by the salary he drew as the pastor of the Madras Parish.

We have come a long way. Today, JMBC is a premium Evangelical Theological School in India, with a beautiful and large campus, a well equipped library with about 25,000 volumes of books and about 100 periodicals, with a full fledged Faculty, at least one with M.Th in each department and so on. We have three accredited programs running successfully, which you can discover from the pages on this website. We praise God for the very many people who did their part in making JMBC what it is today. We strongly hold on to the motto of the college, ‘IN HIS STEPS’ which was strongly emphasized and exemplified by Very Rev. P. T. Chandapilla, whose vision has by and large shaped JMBC.

We praise God for our graduates who come from over 22 denominations and about 20 different states of India now serving God in not less than five different countries. Our story has to continue. We invite you to be part of this great movement, if you are led of God to do so. You may be a part of us by being a student at JMBC, by contributing to the needs of JMBC, (for more information contact principal@jmbc.ac.in) by recommending us to other friends and by praying for us.

May the Living Lord guide you as you browse through the pages of this website.