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The JMBC family is made up of people from diverse denominations, language groups, cultures and backgrounds. In the midst of such diversity, a deep sense of unity is experienced on the basis of our common commitment to God, His Church and Mission and to our Nation. Life on campus is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. In Christ each one considers the other better than oneself. To make the most of life together and to facilitate corporate learning and growth, the College has in place practical guidelines that govern the day-to-day activities on campus.


Spiritual Activities

Corporate worship services and other spiritual meetings are planned and arranged for the whole community. Every member is expected to participate in these meetings. The habit of having a regular and daily private devotional time is to be developed and maintained. The first Friday of every month is observed as a Day of Prayer—a day set apart for retrospective reflection and prayer, with Jubilee’s year verse as the theme. Opening Religious Meetings, a Missionary Conference, and weekly World Christian Prayer meetings are some of the major spiritual activities of the College.

Holiness in personal life—in thoughts, words and deeds—is expected of all. Every effort is to be made to maintain a high degree of holiness in personal as well as corporate life.

Work Ethics

Cleanliness of the campus and hostels is a corporate responsibility. No job on campus is demeaning or below dignity of any one, including the Faculty members. Every member is expected to understand and internalise the meaning and implication of the words of the Lord Jesus Christ: “But I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:27).


JMBC gives special attention to building up and maintaining a very good library. The library now comprises about 20,000 volumes, covering Bible, Theology, Church History, Pastoral Ministries, Counselling, Missions, Religion, and Language studies (Hebrew and Greek). Having subscribed to over 120 journals, it regularly receives theological and missiological journals, magazines, and newsletters.

Library resources can be accessed through both the Card Catalogue System and the computerized network.


Students are required to live in the College hostels. Jubilee has hostels for single men and single women separately with the needed facilities.

Students joining Jubilee with their families are accommodated in the Married Students’ Quarters.

Dining Hall

All single students eat from the dining hall managed by a student committee under the supervision of the Dean of Students.


Regular games and sports are part of the corporate life. All are expected to actively participate in these activities.

 W. M. Hospital

To meet the medical needs of the community members and our neighbours, a 10-beded hospital called Wenzel-McQuilkin Hospital functions from the campus.