Admission Policies

JMBC will not admit any applicant as a day scholar. The following policies govern all admissions to JMBC.


Jubilee is committed to serving the Church through its visible and local manifestations. Therefore, it is the policy of Jubilee that, generally, only those applicants who are sponsored by a Church, mission or established Christian organization will be considered for admission.

In this clause, the term sponsored by means that the applicant has been recommended by and will be accountable to the sponsoring body for the entire duration of his/her academic program.


Educational Qualifications

Applicants for the B.Th. degree course should have passed the 12th standard or Pre-University Examination, i.e., candidates must be eligible for admission into any recognised university.

Applicants for the M.Div degree course should be: (a) graduates from a recognized University; or (b) B.Th graduates with at least a second class from any recognized theological institution; or (c) mature candidates, i.e., those who are at least 25 years of age and have passed the 12th standard or Pre-University examination.


Program Duration and Residency

The residency requirement for the B.Th. program is three academic years. For applicants without any prior theological education applying for the M.Div. program, the residency requirement is three academic years. For applicants with a B.Th. or any other equivalent degree (subject to recognition by the JMBC Admissions Committee), the residency is two years.