The Faculty, with help of all the Deans, will evaluate the life and conduct of each student on campus focusing on his/her spiritual growth, academic performance and ministerial involvement. Visible evidences of Christ likeness and a constant zeal for attaining Christian maturity are expected from each student. The efforts of students to promote Christian unity and maintain harmony in social relationships with members of the Jubilee family will be given importance in the evaluation. Successful completion of all academic requirements is necessary for graduation. Each student’s ministry on campus and off campus is also evaluated at the end of each year. A positive recommendation from the Practical Training Committee is required for clearing a student for graduation. The Faculty will recommend students to the Board of Governors for final clearance for graduation. The decision of the Board of Governors of JMBC will be final in this regard.
Any student who stands out in his/her performance in character, academics, ministry and contribution to life on campus is given the Jubilee award.
At the time of graduation ceremony, only a copy of their degree certificate will be handed over to the graduating students. The graduates may collect their original degree certificates immediately after the graduation ceremony. The graduates can also collect their original certificates of previous education at this time by reproducing the copy of Acknowledgement for Submission of Original Certificates issued at the time of their first registration.
Students can receive a copy of their Statement of Marks upon payment of Rs.100/- (within India) or Rs. 150/- (outside India). The receipt for this amount issued by the Finance Office must be produced at the Academic Office with the proper address of the graduate written at the back of it. The Statement of Marks will be sent by Registered Post to this address along with the receipt with utmost care. If no address is given at the back of the receipt, the Statement of Marks will be sent to the Permanent Address given by the graduate in his/her application form for admission.