Ministerial Requirements

At JMBC, fulfilling ministerial requirements are as important as academic requirements.


Training at Jubilee is thoroughly people-oriented and practical. Therefore, the integration of classroom learning and actual ministerial experience is indispensable. To facilitate this, a carefully planned and supervised internship program is incorporated into the curriculum and training of M.Div. students with four years of required residency. Upon completion of two years of residential study, these students are required to spend six months in a supervised ministry. The Academic Dean coordinates this program in consultation with the students, their sponsors, and their prospective internship supervisors. However, the decision of the Faculty is final.

Ministry On-Campus

During residential studies, all students are actively involved in ministry under supervision. Ministry on campus (Care Groups) involves students being placed in small groups, each under a Faculty Advisor, for growing together in Christ through supportive care and fellowship. These small groups provide opportunities for students to develop a team spirit as well as exercise their spiritual gifts and talents.

Ministry Off-Campus

Each student is placed in a weekend ministry team that is involved in a particular ministry in the neighbourhood of Jubilee. Every student is expected to be involved in ministry activities for at least two or three hours per week during the weekends, under a faculty or staff supervisor. The Dean of Ministry coordinates these ministry activities.

In addition to this regular weekend ministry, each student is also expected to spend one month in supervised ministry during each of the summer holidays. A report from the concerned supervisor must be submitted to the Dean of Ministry upon the student’s arrival on campus, in June following the summer ministry. This is essential for graduation.