Giving to JMBC

You may choose to give to the general needs of JMBC or some specific need – Support the study of one student, Support a Faculty Member, or Give for Specific Projects

In North America, you may give through India Jubilee Missionary Fund. Gifts to India Jubilee Missionary Fund are tax deductible in the USA.

You may send a check to ‘India Jubilee Missionary Fund‘ at the address below with specific information on the purpose for which you want the money to be used.

India Jubilee Missionary Fund
212 Newpark Place
Columbia, SC 29212
Ph: (803) 732.9225

If you want to support JMBC from any other part of the world, kindly contact us by e-mail to find out how you can partner with the ministry of JMBC. You may e-mail us at

For more specific information kindly contact us!