Academic Evaluation

First Class

  • Analytical abilities: Ability to search out relevant information, assess it critically and use it coherently; ability to analyse problems. Establishes and defends connections between ideas, observations and information. Ability to arrive at one’s own view based on the discussion pertinent to the topic under consideration and to present an original, coherent and creative interpretation of the subject.
  • Presentation: Writing is clearly expressed, being precise and accurate, and showing proper use of English syntax and grammar. All references, along with bibliography, are acknowledged appropriately in the required Jubilee format.

Second Class

  • Analytical abilities: Uses relevant information but does not have consistent critical assessment of it. Shows ability to analyse problems, but misses some connection between ideas, observation and information. Attempts to establish his/her own view, but these do not easily arise from discussion pertinent to the topic under consideration. Demonstrates an ability to construct a coherent, well-structured and descriptive interpretation of the material at hand, but lacks originality and creativity.
  • Presentation: Writing is clearly expressed, is cohesively organized and contains well-presented references and bibliography. English grammar is mediocre.

Third Class

  • Analytical abilities: Some familiarity with relevant literature, but uncertain of relevant information. Attempts some degree of critical analysis, but this is still under-developed. Good reporting of the sources. Presents good descriptive work, but this is not subject to much critical assessment. Depends too much on the sources and there is little evidence of his/her own view being reached.
  • Presentation: Writing is reasonably clear with some structure, but the material is poorly presented. Unclear whether the views presented are the source’s or one’s own. Jubilee’s format is not consistently followed and the references are not properly acknowledged. English grammar is poor.