Academic Requirements

In all courses, grades are awarded as a result of continuous assessment. Teachers have the freedom to devise and use their own method of assessment. It is to be noted that Jubilee’s educational goal is not so much to establish the student’s ability to recall lecture notes as it is to encourage in students mature, analytical, critical, creative, constructive and clear thinking.

Semester Design

The academic year is divided into two semesters of seventeen to eighteen weeks each. All students should register for subjects on set days announced by the Academic Office.


A student must have a minimum of 80% attendance for any given subject to be considered eligible for writing the final examination.

Class Work

Generally, 40% of the total grade for each subject is allotted to class work. A pass in the class work is required for students to sit for the final written examination.

Thesis Writing

All students in the M Div program who have secured a B+ average (65%) or above by the beginning of the final year are required to undertake a guided research work. Successful completion of the research, which will be examined by the Supervisor and a second examiner, is a non-interchangeable academic requirement.

Grading System

All assignments and examination papers will be graded in three categories:

  • First Class
    A+ 80% and above
    A 75% – 79%
    A- 70% – 74%
  • Second Class
    B+ 65% – 69%
    B 60% – 64%
    B- 55% – 59%
  • Third Class
    C+ 50% – 54%
    C 45% – 49%
    C- 40% – 44%
  • Failure
    Below 40%

Final Examination

The Academic Office administers all examinations. Written examinations of up to 3 hours duration will be held at the end of the semester. These exams cover the total work for a given subject in a semester and normally carry 60% of the total grade.

Comprehensive Examinations

Comprehensive examinations are meant to test the ability of students to integrate the course content of various subjects covered during his or her whole study program. These exams are conducted in the final semester of the student’s final year of studies.

Retake Supplementary Examinations

All retake exams will be held at the beginning of a new semester. Absence from a retake examination without prior permission is considered failure in that exam. There will be a 5% reduction in the total marks obtained in the retake exam. A fee of Rs.25/- is charged for each retake, which must be paid at least one day in advance to the Finance Office.

Students unable to sit for a final examination for any valid reason will have to apply to the Academic Dean, with written recommendations from the concerned teacher and the Dean of Students, at least one day in advance. Students thus permitted to miss the final exam need to take a supplementary exam that will be conducted at the same time as the retake exam. There is no reduction in the total marks obtained in this exam.